Learn more about IBM Elastic Capacity on Demand

Dynamic processor and memory activation

Purchase activations through the "view pricing and buy" link to Entitled System Support (ESS) or by contacting your IBM Seller or Business Partner. Once your order has been processed, you will receive an enablement code that allows processor and memory capacity enablement in increments of 1 processor day or 1 GB memory day. The system monitors the amount and duration of the activations. Increase your capability for fluctuating peak processing requirements such as seasonal activity or promotions.

Flexible workload management

Order in bulk under one order and allocate the processors and memory to multiple serials in the same data center. Order in minutes and provision within moments.

Simple payment plan

Paperwork hassles are eliminated, and licensing is inclusive. Bring in a user-friendly way to order: one feature for processor and one for memory. Get billed one quarter later. Get billed monthly or based on billing terms with your IBM Business Partner but no need to report monthly usage.

Request daily processor or memory capacity

After a request for temporary capacity is made, the server records one processor day for each requested processor or one memory day for each requested 1 GB memory unit at the beginning of each 24-hour period the request is running.

Enablement code-based operation

No shipping worries here. The enablement code is sent electronically and easily installed into the HMC.

Purchase activations through IBM Seller or Business Partner

You can contact your IBM Seller or Business Partner to purchase activations. IBM Seller or Business Partner will order activation features under Power Virtual Capacity machine "4586-COD" in the configurator and the order will be made available on the Entitled Systems Support (ESS) website/mobile app within 24 to 48 hours for you to provision and use. You can also authorize your Business Partner to generate enablement codes or just do it yourself on ESS immediately after your order is available.

Technical details

Technical specifications

IBM Elastic Capacity on Demand is formerly referred to as “On/Off Capacity on Demand" or "On/Off CoD," and is sometimes referred to as "ECoD.”

  • 9119-MME/MHE
  • 9080-MME/MHE
  • 8408-E8E/44E

Software requirements

Server must have the latest service pack release installed:

  • Service pack 5 for FW840
  • Service pack 2 for FW860

Hardware requirements

This product does not run in/on/ or with a Microsoft Windows environment or mainframe software and does not operate as a cross-platform solution. Method of production: BTO.

  • Power Systems platforms
  • IBM i platforms
  • AIX platforms
  • Linux platforms