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Streamline the capture, recognition and classification of business documents
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What is IBM® Datacap on Cloud?

IBM Datacap on Cloud enables you to identify, classify and extract content from unstructured documents without manual intervention.

    Benefits Multichannel capture

    Provides multichannel capture to support scanners, fax and digital files.

    Cognitive capture

    Automates the processing of complex, unknown formats and highly variable documents.

    Enriched mobility

    Provides an SDK that enables developers to embed Datacap Mobile functionality in iOS or Android apps.

    Extendible rules-based capture

    Provides configuration of capture workflows and applications with a simple point-and-click interface.

    Export to multiple targets

    Exports documents and information to a broad range of applications and content repositories.

    Thanks to IBM Datacap, we have been able to avoid a huge amount of manual effort. We once calculated that checking a set of 5 million contracts manually would take a team of 20 people two and a half years. Nevra Biyikli Customer Relationship Manager Turkcell Read the case study
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