You cannot have AI without Digital Twin

The IBM Digital Twin Exchange is a resource for asset-intensive industries, including organizations managing enterprise-wide digital assets with solutions like IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management.

Content providers can easily list their digital twins, manage their inventory, and establish pricing for their digital twins.

Digital twin customers can browse, purchase, download, and manage digital twins provided by our rapidly growing partner ecosystem.

Digital Twin Exchange Content Examples:

The Digital Twin Exchange supports the following downloadable digital twin types at this time:

  • Bill of materials
  • Parts list
  • User manuals
  • Engineering manuals
  • Fault codes
  • 2D/3D CAD files
  • AR/VR models
  • Maintenance manuals
  • Maintenance plans
  • Operating model
  • Remote procedures for the technician of the future
  • Stocking strategy
  • Forecast model
  • Building information models (BIM)
  • Service manual


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Digital twin customers can purchase digital twins

Content providers can list their digital twins for sale

Available on IBM Cloud

This product is available on IBM Cloud, an open source environment that helps you quickly and easily create, deploy, and manage applications on the cloud.