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How your COVID-19 taskforce can bring employees back to the workplace with IBM Digital Health Pass (02:27)


To help address COVID-19, Digital Health Pass offers an end-to-end vaccination and COVID-19 test verification solution that is compliant with employee privacy and trust.

Sports and entertainment

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Sports and entertainment

Stadiums, amusement parks and concert venues can welcome fans by setting the criteria for COVID-19 health credentials and entry requirements.

Travel and transportation

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How the travel and transportation industry can use Digital Health Pass (02:09)

Travel and transportation

Cruise ships, airlines, hotels and travel authorities could implement Digital Health Pass to verify COVID-19 health credentials for travelers prior to a visit.

Public health

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Public health

As federal, state and local agencies roll out COVID-19 testing and vaccination programs, verifiable digital credentialing can help support businesses.

Colleges and universities

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Colleges and universities

Digital Health Pass can provide students, faculty and visitors with a convenient option to share COVID-19 test results or vaccination status.

Why Digital Health Pass?


With Digital Health Pass, your organization can:

Respect user privacy

Secure profile

The technology minimizes the need for you to collect or store personal data and helps you meet HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA regulations.

Choose a trusted end-to-end solution

Movement in overlapping networks

Comprehensive technology includes verification of vaccinations and COVID-19 tests, test scheduling, access to testing partners* and near real-time reporting.

Verify multiple credentials

Use the IBM Verify app to confirm different types of COVID-19 health credentials, such as IBM Digital Health Pass, Good Health Pass, SMART® Health Card and EU Digital COVID Certificate.

How it works

Digital Health Pass is designed for various entities

For issuers

Pharmacies and labs* can issue COVID-19 test results or vaccination status as a secured, verifiable health credential.

For individuals

An individual can receive vaccination and COVID-19 test credentials, load them into their smartphone and share their health credentials with an organization.

For verifiers

Check the health and safety of employees and individuals upon entrance—whether it’s the workplace, a stadium, airport or elsewhere.

Next steps

Learn how you can manage and execute verification policies for COVID-19.


*Participating businesses need to be registered with the Digital Health Pass network