Are you preparing for the latest mandate that will require your workforce to get vaccinated or tested regularly for COVID-19?

Digital Health Pass technology allows businesses to establish their entry criteria based on COVID-19 test results or vaccination status and verify multiple types of widely used health credentials.  

Digital Health Pass allows individuals to become active participants, giving them control over their data and the ability to choose how it will be used. 


Key features of Digital Health Pass

See how you can use our technology and network to verify COVID-19 health credentials to get ready for the latest mandate.

Credential generation

Access our issuer network of labs and providers to create COVID-19 digital health credentials for employees and customers.

Multi-credential verification

Verify multiple types of COVID-19 health credentials in addition to our own, such as Good Health Pass, Smart Health Card and EU Digital COVID Certificate. 

Secured verification

Allows organizations to verify credentials without having access to an individual’s underlying information.

Digital wallet smartphone app

Allow individuals to control the data they share, with whom and for what purpose.


Give individuals the ability to obtain COVID-19 health credentials with options to download or print secure QR codes. 


Adopt a decentralized identity architecture that can help minimize the need to collect or store personal data.

Open standards

Exchange and verify health credential data with W3C Open Web Standards across a global network.

Flexible integrations

Integrate the Digital Health Pass platform into your current digital experiences such as CRM systems, travel apps and stadium systems.

Data privacy

Protect user data so it remains private when generating health credentials. Blockchain and cryptography methods provide tamper-proof and trusted credentials.