Explore how the technology can help your business

Use our technology and network to issue and verify COVID-19 health credentials. 

Choose a trusted end-to-end solution

Comprehensive technology includes verification of vaccinations and COVID-19 tests, test scheduling, access to testing partners* and near real-time reporting. 

Verify multiple credentials

Use the IBM Verify app to confirm different types of COVID-19 health credentials, such as IBM Digital Health Pass, Good Health Pass, SMART® Health Card and EU Digital COVID Certificate. 

Respect user privacy

The technology minimizes the need for you to collect or store personal data and helps you meet HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA regulations. 

Design custom policies

Enable organizations to setup industry or location specific policies for COVID-19 tests or vaccination status. 

Address accessibility needs

People with smartphones can securely share their COVID-19 test and vaccination status while others can use printable QR code. 

Meet industry standards

Exchange and verify COVID-19 health credential data with W3C Open Web Standards across a global network.  

Remain flexible

Integrate our software into your current digital experiences, such as your badge and meeting space management systems, travel apps and stadium systems.  

Hold multiple credentials

Allow individuals to hold IBM Digital Health Pass, SMART® Health Card, EU Digital COVID Certificates and Good Health Pass credentials in the IBMDigital Health Pass Wallet.

The three-step process

How it works for your business

Set policies


Determine criteria for entry to your location(s). Criteria could include COVID-19 vaccination status or test results.

Communicate to individuals


Inform people of the convenient way to get a QR code that shows their vaccination or COVID-19 test result.

Verify health status

QR code

People share their QR code with you using Digital Health Pass or a printed version.*


*Issuing and verifying organizations need to be registered with the IBM Digital Health Pass platform