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Easily create and execute test scripts.

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What is IBM DevOps Test Workbench

IBM DevOps Test Workbench provides software testing tools to support API testing, functional UI testing, performance testing and service virtualization. Automate and run tests earlier and more frequently to identify errors when they are less costly to fix.

Benefits Reduce error-prone, manual testing

Automate all tests, such as traditional functional/regression, mobile and integration technology, and more.

Simplify the user experience

Fully integrated authoring environment for a consistent user experience across a variety of domains.

Find defects earlier

Create virtual components and start testing. There is no need to wait for everything to be available before starting testing.

Work with your current tools

Integrate with other tools to create test scenarios, including mobile, web and traditional desktop apps.

Improve quality

Integrate with IBM Rational Quality Manager to improve the return of test efforts.

How DevOps Test Workbench works Code-free authoring

Use story-board testing to simplify the creation of functional and regression tests, combining natural language test narrative with visual editing.

Script-less, visual performance test and workload models

Accelerate the delivery of large-scale performance test suites with automatic management of dynamic server responses.

Continuous integration testing

Develop service-level tests by recording existing system behavior, using business process execution language models or the visual test designer.

Accurate workload emulation

Simplify the modeling of different user groups and load conditions with the graphical workload scheduler.

Extensibility for standards and protocols

Adapt existing or custom services with extensibility features, including Java code insertion, custom data transformations, and more.

Flexible pricing and deployment

Gain agility with IBM FlexPoints, which can be purchased and allocated according to your unique business needs.

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