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Emulates services that may not yet be fully developed and/or available to test.

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What is DevOps Test Virtualization?

IBM DevOps Test Virtualization enables early and frequent testing in the development lifecycle. It removes dependencies by virtualizing part or all of an application or database, so software testing teams don’t have to wait for the availability of those resources to begin.

IBM DevOps Test Virtualization allows teams to start testing as early as possible, so fixes happen early when they are less expensive and less disruptive to the delivery team and helps keep a release on schedule.

Benefits Drive down cost

Reduce the cost of deploying and configuring complex application environments.

Gain speed and quality

Achieve agility and predictability with continuous integration testing earlier in the development lifecycle.

Reduce risk

Integrate with IBM Collaborative Lifecycle Management, which provides collaborative testing.

Shift testing left

Test early so fixes happen earlier when they are less expensive and less disruptive to the delivery team.

How DevOps Test Virtualization works Virtualize services, software and applications

Virtualization capabilities range from data-driven and correlated response sequences to full stateful database emulation.

Update, reuse and share virtualized environments

A centralized repository of virtualized environments means you can reuse, deploy and change the environment configuration to test different scenarios.

Benefit from integration with other tools

IBM Test Virtualization help validate app performance and scalability.

Get support for middleware technologies

IBM DevOps Test Virtualization Server supports a broad set of middleware and messaging technologies and integration providers in several industries.

Next steps

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