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Identify performance bottlenecks and quickly run performance tests.

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What is IBM DevOps Test Performance?

IBM DevOps Test Performance helps software testing teams test earlier and more frequently by shifting testing left. IBM DevOps Test Performance validates the scalability of web and server applications, identifies the presence and cause of system performance bottlenecks and reduces load testing. Software testing teams can quickly execute performance tests that analyze the impact of load on applications.

Benefits Reduced complexity

Allows teams to focus on validating the scalability of applications rather than using a complicated test tool.

Advanced test scenarios

Combines optimal access to underlying protocol data and remote system statistics with the ability to insert custom Java code.

Available on the cloud

Enables large-scale and globally distributed performance testing.

Performance Insights using AI/ML

Using deep learning techniques to scan performance test results and detect some of the classical patterns performance issues.

Simplified results sharing

Builds on open standards and shared user experiences to integrate project team members.

How DevOps Test Performance works Advanced testing

IBM Rational Performance Tester creates test scripts without programming, saving time and reducing test complexity.

Test data

Flexible modeling and emulation of diverse user populations while minimizing the memory and processor footprint.

Root-cause analysis tools

This software provides root-cause analysis tools to help identify both the source code and physical application tier that are causing the bottleneck.

Load testing

Supports load testing against a broad base of applications such as HTTP, SAP, Siebel, SIP, TCP Socket and Citrix.

Real-time reporting

Generates performance and throughput reports in real time, offering awareness of performance problems at any time during a test.

Extensions Siebel

This extension enables load testing capabilities that can help to ensure that Siebel 7.7 applications delivering the performance and scalability required to meet the needs of an entire organization.


This extension for SAP testing includes a test recorder with advanced scheduling, real-time reporting, automated data variation and a scalable execution engine.


Use this extension to effectively  manage and test of functionality and performance of SOA applications.


Extend your performance tests to test Citrix applications. Test creation, test editing, test validation, workload emulation with schedules, schedule execution, and evaluation of results are provided.

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