IBM is a Gartner Customer Choice 2022 recipient for cloud DBMS


The tested, resilient, always-on database built to run anywhere

To support fast insights, you need a flexible data ecosystem agile enough to deliver data anywhere it’s needed, anytime it’s needed.

No matter the volume or complexity of your transactions, IBM® Db2 is the trusted database designed to provide your data-intensive apps and services with low-latency, extreme availability, and elastic scalability. Easily deploy, develop and run on the database accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Run enterprise-scale workloads

Run enterprise-scale workloads (02:05)

IBM Db2 Database at work

Build cloud-native apps

Let’s build something great. Db2 is a fully managed database that runs in the cloud, Kubernetes container as part of your microservices architecture, or infrastructure as a service.

Simplified data ecosystem

Embrace data diversity. Store and query more than just traditional structured data in a unified database built with multi-model functionality and data lake integration.

Always-on database

The always-on database. Eliminate unplanned downtime with best-in-class failure detection and recovery, with Db2 pureScale. pureScale leverages our parallel sysplex architecture, providing mainframe-class availability for your mission critical workloads.

Security at the core

Protect your most sensitive data and manage GDPR compliance with built-in features such as in-motion and at rest encryption, row-column access, data masking, and more.

Intelligent operations

Do less, build more. Db2’s built-in container operators automate maintenance activities, memory tuning, and more. Automate database operations with adaptive workload management and a ML-optimized query engine.

Enjoy continuous availability

IBM Db2 pureScale® is now on Amazon Web Services. Best-in-class failure detection and recovery means you eliminate unplanned downtime while achieving high performance.

IBM named a Leader

Gartner® releases 2021 Magic Quadrant™ for Cloud Database Management Systems

Gain flexibility

Your choice of deployment model

Translate queries across vendors, languages, locations and structures

On IBM Cloud Pak® for Data

Deploy Db2 as an extension on the IBM Cloud Pak for Data platform.

On premises on Linux®, Unix or Windows

Run Db2 on these common operating systems.

On cloud

Run a fully managed version of Db2 on the cloud.

Feature highlights

IBM Db2 Database details

Industry-leading performance

Potential for 30% improvement in transactional response time⁶ with fast data retrieval and queries plus disk space compression

Advanced protection

Advanced authorization, encryption at rest and in transit, and comprehensive security controls for managing GDPR compliance

Continuous availability

Auto resynchronization and recovery plus clustering with IBM pureScale® to keep business running 24x7

Automated administration and tuning

Automatic setup, optimization, diagnostics and management of the database environment to save DBA time and cut maintenance costs

Multiple data types and languages

Flexible environment, integrates with multiple platforms plus supports NoSQL, pureXML, Graph and JSON; Java, .Net, Ruby, Python, Perl and more for building robust apps


Elastic scaling up to 128 machines in multicloud and hybrid environments to reduce storage costs; data federation eliminates data silos

Not sure which option is best?

Discuss your needs with a Db2 expert in a 30-minute, no-cost call.

Product images

Database resource usage

Screenshot showing Db2 resource usage

Database resource usage

Get resource usage information for running or queued queries.

Database throughput

Screenshot showing database throughput

Database throughput

Check the rate that data changes are retrieved, sent and applied on the target system.


Screenshot showing scale management


Monitor on-demand scalability in Db2 on Cloud to manage data needs.

Data load

Screenshot showing file load screen

Data load

Get quick data transfer to Db2 on Cloud from cloud-based storage or your desktop.

Industry accolades

What’s new with Db2

IBM is named a Leader

IBM is named a Leader in 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ Cloud Database Management Systems.

Get up to speed on Db2 on Cloud

IBM® Db2® on Cloud is a fully managed public cloud service on IBM Cloud.

Db2 on IBM Cloud Pak for Data

IBM leaders Daniel Hernandez and Ayal Steinberg explore how the right data management foundation can accelerate AI adoption.

IDUG 2022 EMEA Db2 Tech Conference

Join the IDUG community in Edinburgh from 22-26 October 2022


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