Db2 Warehouse Overview

Making analytics secure, collaborative, and real-time across any cloud

Our cloud-native data warehouse is built on IBM® Db2® expertise in data governance and security, responsible data sharing, advanced in-memory processing at massive scale. From a single platform data engineers and data scientists can analyze and predict business outcomes across a variety of data sources. Whether your data is unstructured, or resides in your data lake, it is when analytical data is unified, accessible and scalable that you can speed decision-making and innovation across your organization.

Illustration showing relationship between employee, data analysis and database warehouse

IBM Db2 Warehouse and machine learning with Apache Spark (09:06)

Why IBM Db2 Warehouse?

Enable real-time decisions

Connect dashboards and reports with the power of fast ingest and querying for real-time insights.

Manage costs at scale

Enable high performance and cost predictability with elastic scale and a cloud-native architecture based on object storage.

Collaborate responsibly

Encrypt, secure and share governed data across your organization, third parties and cloud providers.

Unify your data

Catalog, ingest and query open data formats using a single platform that supports tight integration with your data lake over cloud object storage.

Build more, manage less

Simplify data warehouse administration and maintenance with Db2 deployed as a fully managed service, Kubernetes container with built-in operators, or infrastructure as a service.

Use the same skills with different workloads

Move data seamlessly from your Db2 database to data warehouse for analytics, while saving time and money on additional resources and new skill sets.

IBM named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Data Management for Analytics, Q1 2023

A single platform for your data needs

Real-time analytics

Real-time analytics

Empower users that demand low-latency querying and real-time insights with continual data ingest, in-memory processing and in-database analytics.

Machine learning and AI

Machine learning and AI

Create and predict with high-performance machine learning models inside your data warehouse. Integrate with IBM Watson® Studio for additional ML capabilities.

Reporting and business intelligence

Reporting and business intelligence

Build reports and dashboards quickly by seamlessly integrating Db2 with a variety of BI tools including IBM Cognos® Analytics, Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI, Google Looker and more.

Secure data sharing

Secure data sharing

Grant access and distribute data among users and third parties without data duplication. Integrate with IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog for additional data governance, quality, and compliance.

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Effortless scale

IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud Scaling dashboard

Effortless scale

Scale compute and storage based on your resource demands within the warehouse console.

Data governance and security

IBM Cloud Pak for Data Privacy rule creation dashboard

Data governance and security

Define database policies to mask and restrict access to data.

Machine learning models

IBM Cloud for Data application information dashboard

Machine learning models

Create powerful Python notebook applications and securely share with other users of the platform.

Data engineering

IBM Cloud Pak for Data customer profile dashboard

Data engineering

Inspect data profiles and data quality within the database.

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Gain flexibility

Your choice of deployment model

Translate queries across vendors, languages, locations and structures

Fully-managed in the cloud

Run a fully managed version of Db2 Warehouse on AWS or IBM Cloud®.

On IBM Cloud Pak® for Data

Deploy Db2 Warehouse as an extension on IBM Cloud Pak for Data platform.

On premises on Linux, Unix, or Windows

Run Db2 Warehouse on these common operating systems.



Continuous availability and disaster recovery

Manage downtime with continuous availability (99.999%) and in-place recovery within a cluster. We provide flexibility not only to replicate a cluster to another region but to choose what gets replicated and deployed anywhere.

Massively parallel query engine

Built for your most data-intensive applications, flexibly scale data up and down, independent of compute and storage. Our scale out shared-nothing and shared-disk architecture provide a massively parallel query engine with fast performance.

Data-driven security

Db2 is built with end-to-end security capabilities to protect data in-motion and at rest, monitor and detect unknown behaviors, and ensure the privacy of your data.

High concurrency and workload management

Billions of high concurrency workloads can be managed automatically with Db2’s adaptive workload manager. Configure workload policies to allocate and prioritize resources across workloads.

Data engineer

Ultrafast ingest and querying

Ingest data continually across diverse sources with support for high-speed bulk, batch, and micro-batch workloads, powering cloud native apps, real-time analytics, and BI.

Control data access and governance

Direct governed access to live data sets, services, and applications. Control data visibility and masking for different levels of authority. Manage HIPAA and GDPR compliance with in-motion and at rest encryption, row-column access, data masking, and more.


Build, test and deploy

Built for programming languages such as Java, .Net, Ruby, Python, R, Perl, C, C++, pureXML, Gremlin, XQuery, Mongo, FLWOR Expression, and JSON, and more for developing robust applications.

Integrate with third party applications

Power dashboards and BI with fast ingest and real time insights. Seamlessly integrate third party reporting applications such as IBM Cognos, Planning Analytics, Tableau, PowerBI, Qlik, Looker, SAP and ETL tools such as DataStage, Informatica and more.

Enterprise architect

Store and query anything

Whether you need to analyze social media performance or geospatial data, ingest, store, and query a mix of models including XML, JSON, text, Graph, spatial data in a single database.

Real-time analytical and operational data

Analyze your analytical and operational data in real-time with Db2’s in-memory hybrid-columnar data architecture. Db2 speeds analytics and reporting with a combination of in-memory and column store data retrieval, maximized CPU processing, and data skipping that allows for faster input/output.

Data scientist

Execute machine learning models

From decision trees to K-means clustering, choose from a variety of in-database algorithms or seamlessly build and deploy open-source Python and R models on the database.


Db2 Warehouse in action

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