What is IBM Db2 Query Management Facility?

QMF is designed to be a security-rich, easy-to-use business analytics and visualization solution optimized for IBM Z® data.

  • Delivers self-service business intelligence with interactive dashboards and intuitive visualizations
  • Supports disparate data sources such as relational, non-relational, flat files and web services data
  • Optimized for IBM Z sources such as Information Management Systems (IMS), Adaptable Database System (ADABAS), IBM® Db2® for z/OS®, Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM), Integrated Database Management Systems (IDMS) and System Management Facilities (SMF)
  • Includes data virtualization technology that allows real-time, in-place access to IBM Z data
  • Helps ensure secure, role-based access to various resources using IBM Resource Access Control Facility (RACF®) as the foundation
  • Allows enterprise-wide use through web, workstation and interactive system productivity facility (ISPF) interfaces


Surfaces actionable business insight

Creates enterprise-wide views by conflating multiple IBM Z data sources with other structured and non-structured data sources.

Expands analytics to everyone

Provides an intuitive user interface to enable your business users to automatically create visualizations across data sources and instantly share those insights with peers.

Consolidates and reduces costs

Eliminates the need for multiple business intelligence tools for different data sources and per user and source costs. Creates fast, in-place analytics for multiple users and data sources.