Improves performance of Db2 applications and systems

The IBM Db2® Performance Solution Pack for z/OS® provides end-to-end performance monitoring and management for your Db2 for z/OS applications and systems. It replaces ad hoc methods with best practice technology that also improves Db2 availability and reduces overall system costs. Moreover, the solution enhances ROI with analytic support to address areas of assessment, administration and workload optimization.

Help your IT staff be a Db2 performance hero!


Optimize Db2 application performance

Monitor, track and identify poorly performing SQL before moving to production. Expert advisors speed application deployment with improved query design, statistics quality and index values.

Manage performance beyond the database

Deep drill down to identify problems at any time from any location. See where transactions spend time. Ensures organizations get a complete view of performance across the enterprise.

Lower costs and improve availability

Workload management helps you align system resources to business priorities and improves utilization to defer upgrades.

Feature spotlights

Enterprise-wide performance monitoring

You can monitor alerts and exceptions, to spot every type of performance slowdown with minimal monitoring overhead.

Expert advice with built-in advisors

Proactively tune SQL workloads based on expert recommendations. Help IT staff optimize application performance and reduce specialized skill requirements.

Autonomic alert functions

You can perform real-time knowledge-based analysis of exception events.

Proactive problem prevention

Prevent problems by leveraging historical information. Monitor and analyze historical trends for future planning and capacity management.