Drive greater value from your DB2 for z/OS investment

Keep pace with new data fabric, cloud, analytics and mobile initiatives with reduced cost and effort. Reduce the complexity associated with delivering IBM® Db2® for z/OS® data for these initiatives by taking advantage of your infrastructure investments to accelerate your data fabric and hybrid cloud efforts. IBM Db2 Data Gate simplifies delivery of Db2 for z/OS data within IBM Cloud Pak® for Data.


Integrated approach to hybrid cloud and data fabric

Access the most current Db2 for z/OS data in the cloud.

Readily include Db2 for z/OS data in a data fabric

Deploy one-click meta-data integration with IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalog.

Enhance the efficiency of Db2 for z/OS

Redirect analytical queries from Db2 and archive Db2 data in the cloud.

Use cases

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    Data fabric


    Db2 for z/OS data is core to many operational applications and can be critical to business insight. Db2 data is an essential foundation for a data fabric implementation but current approaches to delivering that data are often expensive, unreliable and slow.


    Db2 Data Gate makes data available and synchronized for ready access within a data fabric through IBM Cloud Pak for Data. As compared to alternative approaches, Db2 Data Gate is simpler, less expensive and timelier. With Db2 Data Gate, you can go from transaction to business action in moments.

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    New engagement applications


    A surge of new digital applications is driving exponential growth in data access. New seasonal applications with unpredictable usage patterns often use read-only queries of up-to-date data. They are often difficult to plan for and size appropriately.


    Db2 Data Gate can provide a simple, easy-to-deploy solution for these new applications. Data is synchronized between Db2 for z/OS data sources and target databases on IBM Cloud Pak for Data. Additional data sources can enrich data originating in Db2 for z/OS.

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