Improve streaming analytics capabilities

Explore Forrester's survey about organizations’ use of machine learning with fast data solutions and satisfaction with existing solutions.

Capitalize on fast data

Learn from Forrester about the shifting data landscape, benefits of fast data and the data sources considered the most important.

Innovate with event-driven applications

Build smarter reactive apps using streams, machine learning and a high-speed event store with a fully integrated platform.


Store and analyze more than 250 billion events per day

Massive data ingests

High-speed data ingestion technology captures a million rows per second per node; linear scale of compute and storage.

Embedded real-time analytics

Hybrid transactional/analytical processing (HTAP) is optimized for streamed data performance.

Built on the Apache Spark platform

Use familiar capabilities with support of the Spark API and native Db2 Event Store APIs (Spark: SQL, streaming, analytics and machine learning).

Use of open data format

Data is stored using the Apache Parquet open source columnar data format, eliminating vendor lock-in concerns. Storage and compute are separated.

Built-in machine learning

Db2 Event Store is natively integrated with IBM Watson Studio for building, training and deploying machine learning models.


Db2 Event Store in action

Demos and hands-on guides

Clickstream analysis

See the code pattern for how a retail business can use Db2 Event Store to derive customer insights from clickstream data.

Jupyter notebook integration

Explore using Jupyter notebooks and the benefit of running SQL queries against Db2 Event Store versus standard Db2.

Stream data with Apache Kafka

Run an end-to-end application representative of a simplified IoT use case. See sensor data streamed to Db2 Event Store and visualized.

Stream and store retail data for analysis

Build a Scala app using Akka to apply a WebSockets endpoint that streams data to Db2 Event Store. Visualize the data using Jupyter notebooks with Scala and Brunel.

Documentation & support


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Frequently asked questions

Find install and integration details quickly on the FAQ


Why fast data management is essential

Forrester and IBM discuss business and technology drivers for applications using fast data and fast analytics for fast action.

Additional resources

Fast data and machine learning

Db2 Event Store can ingest and analyze 250 billion events per day. Make smarter, faster decisions with Integrated machine learning and data science capabilities.

Get immediate insights from fast data

This tech talk compares fast-data architectures, plus gives an overview of Db2 Event Store and a demo to help you get started.

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