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The always-on, cloud-native database

IBM® Db2® is a cloud-native database built on decades of expertise in bringing data governance and security, low-latency transactions and continuous availability to your mission critical data, analytics and AI-driven applications. With support for mixed transactional and analytical workloads, it provides a single place for DBAs, enterprise architects and developers to keep apps running, store and query anything and simplify development. No matter the volume or complexity of transactions, make your applications secure, highly performant and resilient anywhere.


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Simplify workload management and cloud provisioning with new Amazon RDS for Db2 Consumption Based Licensing

Why Db2 database? ~400% Highly resilient, scalable applications

more users supported with IBM Db2 pureScale® to run Puma’s 24/7 mission-critical operations.1

USD 1M Price-performance at scale  

cost savings of more than USD 1 million for Owens-Illinois when migrating from Oracle to Db2.2

90% Real-time decisions  

faster performance for Marriott International's analytics.3

Learn about the benefits of Db2 Control your costs

Control your database costs with a cloud-native infrastructure built on scalable storage and compute. Seamlessly scale to meet your application and user demands.

Easy migration from Oracle to Db2

Db2’s native Oracle compatibly enables a seamless migration so you can quickly start enjoying reduced licensing fees and infrastructure costs, 30% better performance4, and operational efficiencies.

Experience continuous availability

Achieve continuity and avoid data-related outages with cross-region disaster recovery and 99.999% continuous availability that runs anywhere, whenever you need it.

Keep your data safe

Keep your data encrypted, masked and protected across hybrid, on-premises and cloud environments with Db2 expertise and innovation.

Enjoy economies of skill and scale

Connect data seamlessly from your Db2 database to Db2 Warehouse and watsonx.data for analytics and AI workloads, while saving time and costs on additional resources and skillsets.

Build more, manage less

Simplify database administration and maintenance with Db2 deployed as a fully managed service on IBM Cloud and Amazon RDS, Kubernetes container with built-in operators, or infrastructure as a service.

Features of Db2 database

Database administrators (DBAs), enterprise architects and developers can leverage a single, cloud-native engine for the next generation of data and AI-driven applications  

Continuous availability and disaster recovery Promote business continuity and avoid unplanned downtime with Db2 pureScale’s continuous availability that runs on-premises and on AWS. We provide flexibility, not only to replicate a cluster to another region, but to choose what gets replicated and deployed anywhere. Learn about IBM Db2 pureScale® on AWS

Data-driven governance and security Protect data in-motion and at rest, monitor and detect unknown behaviors and ensure the privacy of your data with Db2’s built with end-to-end governance and security capabilities. Check out the database management console

Ingest, store and query all types of data Support new data, analytics and AI use cases with support for XML, JSON, text and spatial data in a single multi-model database. Develop new applications with support for Java, .Net, Ruby, Python, R, Perl, C, C++, pureXML, XQuery, Mongo, FLWOR Expression, and JSON. Explore the developer hub

Industry-leading performance Enable faster data retrieval and high performance applications with best-in-class compression, scalable storage and compute and machine-learning based query optimization to support all your workload needs. Read the case study

Deploy and connect apps and services across the hybrid-cloud Gain flexibility with your choice of deployment whether fully managed SaaS on IBM Cloud and Amazon RDS, hybrid, or on-premises. Connect your web, mobile and cloud applications with Db2 data through a set of scalable, seamless RESTful APIs, fully integrated in the Db2 distributed data facility (DDF). Learn more about Amazon RDS for Db2

One engine for all your workloads Db2 enables multiple high-performing, mission critical workloads (transactional, analytical, operational) running against the same database. Db2 can also feed data to Db2 Warehouse and watsonx.data for new insights and AI with trusted data. Read the infographic

How customers use Db2

Modernize mission critical applications Modernize data and AI-driven mobile and web applications with low latency, continuous availability, built-in refined security and effortless scalability across the hybrid cloud. Puma drives innovation with scalable processing and availability

Power next-gen AI assistants Make data available, secure, and scalable for developers to build AI powered applications and assistants with data across the hybrid cloud. Enabling gen AI powered commentary with Db2

Build cloud-native apps with a managed database Build new data-intensive apps and services with a high performance, fully managed database to reduce costs and improve productivity. Knowis AG supports vital financial services in the cloud

Run enterprise software Power your enterprise CRM, ERP, and other enterprise applications with high performance and real-time data retrieval. Driving 1000% increase in sales with a Db2-based ERP

Your choice of deployment model Translate queries across vendors, languages, locations and structures Get started Fully managed service with IBM Cloud

Deploy Db2 as a fully managed, SLA-backed service on IBM Cloud®. Take advantage of continuous updates, security patches, on-demand scaling and cost predictability in the cloud.

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Cloud-managed container

Deploy Db2 as a container on cloud-managed Red Hat® OpenShift® or Kubernetes services on AWS and Microsoft Azure, and quickly integrate Db2 into your cloud solution.

Learn more
Self-managed infrastructure or IaaS

Deploy Db2 as a traditional installation on top of on-premises infrastructure or cloud-based infrastructure-as-a-service and get control of your Db2 deployment.

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Fully managed service with Amazon RDS for Db2

Set up, operate and scale a Db2 database on AWS in just a few clicks. Take advantage of automated administrative tasks like provisioning, patches, backup and recovery, pay as you go pricing, and like for like compatibility of workloads to AWS cloud.

Explore Amazon RDS for Db2

Case studies

Scaling new banking services in the cloud with IBM and AWS Learn how Profile Centevo reduced annual infrastructure costs by 4x and saved 288 hours annually in manual database upgrades with Amazon RDS for Db2 Read the case study

Owen-Illinois Owens-Illinois migrated their worldwide database infrastructure to Db2, reporting a 7-figure cost reduction, up to a 30% improvement in performance and reduced storage footprint¹.

State Bank of India  State Bank of India utilized IBM Cognos Analytics, IBM SPSS Statistics and IBM Db2 to deliver a more streamlined customer experience and develop more targeted service offerings, including more than 10 million cardless ATM withdrawals. Read the case study

AKIDS AKIDS engaged IBM Business Partner BiLumina to deploy its unique ERP offering based on IBM® Db2® software to nurture customer loyalty and boosts sales with omnichannel retail experiences. Read the case study

Knowis Knowis and IBM worked together to help Knowis address new markets by breaking down deployment barriers, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Awards and reviews
IBM Db2 recognized for G2 and TrustRadius awards IBM Db2 is a leader in the 2024 G2 Spring Report for data warehousing and top rated on TrustRadius for relational databases, DBaaS, data warehousing and cloud data warehousing.  TrustRadius reviews G2 reviews

IBM named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Data Management for Analytics, Q1 2023.
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Keep applications running, store and query anything and simplify deployment.

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Statistic provided by Puma to IBM, externally referenced supporting 300-400% more users by enabling Db2 with Db2 pureScale compared to previously running Db2 without pureScale.

Statistic provided by Owens-Illinois to IBM, externally referenced cost savings of more than USD 1 million for Owens-Illinois when migrating from Oracle to Db2.

Statistic provided by Marriott International to IBM, referenced faster performance for Marriott International's analytics on more than 140 million Marriott Bonvoy members.