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IBM Db2® Database is a relational database that delivers advanced data management and analytics capabilities for your transactional workloads. This operational database is designed to deliver high performance, actionable insights, data availability and reliability, and it is supported across Linux, Unix and Windows operating systems.

The Db2 database software includes advanced features such as in-memory technology (IBM BLU Acceleration®), advanced management and development tools, storage optimization, workload management, actionable compression and continuous data availability (IBM pureScale®). 

What’s new with Db2

Db2 11.5 is now available on IBM Cloud Pak for Data. Take advantage of a fully integrated data and AI platform that modernizes how businesses collect, organize and analyze data and infuse AI throughout their organizations. Eliminate data silos; query data more easily and more securely across multiple sources, on cloud or on premises, through a best-in-class data virtualization tool.

→ Explore IBM Db2 for IBM Cloud Pak for Data

With version 11.5, Db2 includes added AI functionality so that businesses can embrace forward-looking data science and AI technologies to retain competitive differentiation. Now you can leverage one platform that is both powered by AI and built for AI to optimize performance and availability while empowering your data scientists to find deeper insights.

→ Read the 451 Research report on accelerating AI with data management

→ Read the Db2 V11.5 solution brief (PDF, 173 KB)

Move from Oracle databases to IBM Db2 and spend up to 80 percent less ¹

Move from Oracle databases to IBM Db2 and spend up to 80 percent less ¹ See how


Designed for hybrid multicloud deployment

Accelerate your journey to AI to transform how your business operates with an open, extensible data and AI platform that runs on any cloud.

Powered by AI

Use machine learning to tune workloads and optimize queries for significantly faster querying.

Built for AI

Enjoy faster data exploration, model more complex relationships and leverage support for data science tools.

Support of multiple data types and languages

Choose from NoSQL, pureXML, Graph and JSON. Build in Java, .Net, Ruby, Python, Perl and more.

Fast to deploy

Get Db2 up and running on your laptop within minutes, and start building applications quickly with a full-featured database.

Advanced protection

Benefit from built-in native encryption with enterprise key management.

Features of IBM Db2 Database

  • Better performance with AI
  • Built for data science and AI
  • IBM BLU Acceleration®
  • IBM pureScale®
  • SQL compatibility
  • Storage optimization
  • Simple to administer
  • Faster querying
  • High availability, disaster recovery and workload management
  • Deploy Db2 as a container on IBM Cloud Pak for Data

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¹ Savings estimate is calculated by assuming a 5 percent annual increase and up to 80% savings in support costs. Actual savings may vary.