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Db2 Database SaaS
Db2 Database SaaS on IBM Cloud


Discover and try the Db2 Database through a perpetually free product tier


The Db2 Database, deployed on shared infrastructure, ideal for new projects, growing workloads or dev/test databases


The Db2 Database, deployed on dedicated compute slices, ideal for enterprises small and large


Serverless trial configuration with single schema

Multi-tenant or shared infrastructure

Dedicated compute and storage


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Starting at USD 99 per month (billed hourly):

Hourly rates:

  • Instance: USD 0.142 per hour
  • Storage: USD 0.000282 per GB
  • Compute: USD 0.101 per vCPU

Starting at USD 969 per month (billed hourly):

Hourly rates:

  • Instance: USD 1.36 per hour
  • Storage: USD 0.000282 per GB
  • Compute: USD 0.314 per vCPU

Starting instance capacity

200 MB storage

2 vCPUs and 20 GB storage

4 vCPUs and 20 GB storage

Compute capacity


Up to 16vCPU (virtual)

  • Up to 56vCPU (virtual)
  • Up to 96 CPU (bare metal)

Storage capacity

Up to 200 MB

Up to 4 TB (10 IOPS/GB)

Up to 24 TB (10 IOPS/GB)

Independently scale storage and compute


Yes Yes





Backup locality


Single region

Multi-zone, single or cross region

Physical servers available




Cross-AZ 1 or 3 HA nodes


Yes Yes

Cross-region DR node




Private endpoint


Yes Yes



Yes Yes

Amazon RDS for Db2

Amazon RDS for Db2 is a fully managed database service that makes it easy to set up, manage and scale a Db2 relational database on the AWS cloud. The service supports Db2 Standard Edition and Db2 Advanced Edition with a Bring Your Own License (BYOL) program. All editions of Db2 on Amazon RDS for Db2 provide:

  • push-button scaling to manage infrastructure costs with a few clicks or an API call;
  • automated backups, snapshots and failover to support durability of business-critical workloads;
  • availability and reliability with high availability and automated Multi-AZ data replication;
  • isolation and security including encryption in motion and at rest, network isolation and permissions; and
  • native integrations with AWS Cloud Services as a core AWS offering to support cloud native applications

Start your deployment today or use the Amazon Pricing Calculator–RDS for Db2 (link resides outside ibm.com) to estimate instance sizes.

Use the Amazon Pricing Calculator–RDS for Db2 to estimate instance sizes.

Amazon RDS for Db2 Pricing
Db2 Database Software

Platforms supported: Linux (x64, Power, Z), AIX, Windows x64

Db2 Database Software

Community Edition

Entry-level edition for developer and partner community, ideal for new projects with Db2

Standard Edition

Ideal for organizations that need an always-on, high-performance relational database

Ideal for enterprises that run the most demanding mission-critical workloads, with extreme concurrency and uptime

Starting instance capacity

4 cores, 16 GB Memory

16 cores, 128 GB Memory

No limits

High availability and disaster recovery

Yes Yes Yes

Deploy Db2 on multiple compute nodes across data centers and regions for maximum availability and uptime

Yes Yes Yes

Performance and scalability

Query optimization, multi-dimensional clustering, database and table partitioning, compression, workload management

Yes Yes Yes

Advanced security

Native encryption, row and column access control with data masking, bitemporal table support

Yes Yes Yes

App development support

Drivers, code samples, and REST API support for app development

Yes Yes Yes


Db2 Management Console for DBAs, IDE plugins for developers

Yes Yes Yes
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