Db2 database features

Better performance with AI

The AI enhancements of IBM Db2® Database V11.5 are designed to help companies achieve deeper insights more quickly and support AI applications with greater ease. Combined with the existing performance-boosting technology in Db2, these new capabilities make Db2 an ideal solution to help your business climb the ladder to a robust AI practice.

Built for data science and AI

With support for languages like PYTHON and GO, architectures such as JSON and collaborative development environments like Jupyter Notebooks, Db2 helps ensure developers and DBAs have access to innovative data science tools. Ultimately, this serves two functions: Db2 developers can now access and use data science features to drive deeper insights, and data scientists can rely on the performance, dependability and general enterprise-readiness of Db2.

IBM BLU Acceleration®

This in-memory technology from IBM provides breakthrough performance for actionable insights. It is certified by SAP, giving you greater performance with fewer resources for your SAP investments. Examine the relational database details that make a difference for your business.

Storage optimization

Transparently compress data to decrease disk space and storage infrastructure requirements. The storage optimization features of IBM Db2 can improve performance, reduce elapsed time and significantly reduce processing power consumption.

IBM pureScale®

Access your data through multiple hosts for continuous availability. IBM Db2 with pureScale is designed for business processes that require high availability for online transaction processing (OLTP). It’s a great way to integrate big data into your operations.

SQL compatibility

Greatly reduce the cost and risk of moving legacy applications built for the Oracle database to Db2. This means you can use your existing skills and assets for quicker, easier migrations.

High availability, disaster recovery and workload management

Provides high availability and disaster recovery (HADR) for partial and complete site failures. Protects against data loss by replicating data changes from a source database. Includes capabilities for always-available transactions. When coupled with HADR, this further mitigates the impact of unplanned outages. Offers advanced workload management to optimize the handling of mixed workloads and random inputs and outputs.

Hybrid Flex

IBM Hybrid Data Management Platform allows you to leverage all available data, no matter the type, source or structure. Simply purchase IBM FlexPoints and allocate towards multiple resources with a single, subscription-based license.

Simple to administer

Enables you to easily administer, monitor, manage and optimize the performance of Db2 databases. Simplifies database administrative tasks for both expert and novice users. Consolidates information in a single graphical interface that is accessible from any standard web browser.

Significantly faster querying

Optimizes data platform performance with well executed queries. Based on customer engagements, IBM’s own distinguished engineer estimates that 25–30% of customer DBA time is spent managing access paths — where even minor performance regressions can cause disruption to their business and increase the impact to IBM support. This level of effort makes it difficult for today’s DBAs to support other areas of their business.

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