Special offer: 50 percent off the big data bundle

Image representing the big data product bundle, including Db2 Big SQL, Big Replicate and an assessment workshop

For a limited time only, take advantage of 50 percent off a bundled offer of IBM Db2® Big SQL, IBM Big Replicate and an IBM Systems Lab Services assessment workshop. Benefit from:

  • Distro-agnostic Hadoop replication when migrating. With the merger of Cloudera and Hortonworks, IBM can help to alleviate challenges your organization may face. Set up your systems now for fast, easy migration, across distros, on premises or in the cloud, without downtime or disruption while safeguarding your data.
  • Replication with continuous data availability. Replicate your Hadoop data in real time, across geographic locations, business application environments or cloud storage providers, even when the data is changing or moving at petabyte scale. Also, learn how to address the complex, expensive and time-consuming challenges of moving big data operations from lab to production environments.
  • Federate access to data for better data-driven decisions. Offload and consolidate data quicker and easier into Hadoop from existing Oracle, IBM Db2, and IBM Netezza® enterprise data warehouses or data marts. For data that can't be moved to Hadoop, federated access to many relational database management systems (RDBMS). Use advanced SQL, leverage current skill sets and reach a higher degree of ANSI SQL language compatibility.

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