Simply search to gain deep insights from your data

IBM Db2® Augmented Data Explorer makes it easy for business users to easily access insights from their enterprise's data and act on them. The explorer is designed to be an easy-to-use, web-based platform that connects to Db2 databases, both on premises or in the cloud, to instantly pull key insights through automatically generated visualizations and natural language summaries. No need to wait for weekly reports to answer your questions; just ask them yourself and get answers in seconds. With Db2 Augmented Data Explorer, IBM puts you, the business user, at the center, to make better business decisions.


Self-service analytics

Allows business users of every skill set to explore their data and generate insights.

Lightning fast answers

Get answers to your questions in milliseconds. Not just that, let Db2 Augmented Data Explorer make sense of your data and uncover meaningful patterns.

As easy as searching online

Db2 Augmented Data Explorer brings up interesting statistical insights about your data. No complex search queries or training required.

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