Announcing DataStax Luna

A subscription-based support for open source Apache Cassandra from the experts who authored the majority of the Cassandra code. 

High performance that's enterprise ready

NoSQL database built on Apache Cassandra

DataStax Enterprise is a powerful, scale-out data infrastructure for enterprises that need to handle almost any workload in any cloud. Built on the foundation of Apache Cassandra, DataStax Enterprise adds operational reliability, monitoring, and a heightened security layer.

The DataStax and IBM partnership (link resides outside IBM) offers you a single source of purchase, deployment and support for DataStax Enterprise. This one-stop experience lets you build data-rich applications at scale with enterprise-grade security, additional developer tools and global support.

With its latest release, DataStax Enterprise 6.8 accelerates cloud-native and bare-metal performance, supports more workload types from Graph to Search and Analytics, and improves user productivity with Kubernetes and APIs.


DataStax and IBM webinar

Learn from experts how the DataStax and IBM collaboration helps scale the intelligence of your enterprise.

Feature spotlight

Operational reliability

Operational reliability

DataStax Enterprise delivers enterprise-grade security, monitoring and support. The advanced encryption helps protect data both at rest and in flight. Visual management and monitoring help you more easily provision, upgrade, monitor, backup and restore, and manage your DataStax Enterprise cluster. Advanced performance capabilities can reduce infrastructure requirements and improve the responsiveness of real-time applications

Developer friendly

Developer friendly

Boost productivity using powerful and productive APIs. DataStax Enterprise offers blazing performance, enhanced security and built-in support for Kubernetes so you can deploy on premises, on the cloud or in a hybrid cloud environment. The DataStax visual developer tool lets you collaborate, query, visualize, profile and manipulate data. The unified data model provides a centralized view, APIs to import and access data, and built-in analytics.

Cloud-native support

Cloud-native support

Native Kubernetes support helps tame the complexity of development, operations and deployment. Kubernetes and Cassandra combine to provide a cloud-native data platform with distributed scale-out capabilities for hybrid cloud or on-premises environments. Query multiple models — key-value, column, graph, document —without sacrificing performance or scalability