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Scale-out, cloud-native NoSQL database built on Apache Cassandra and designed for hybrid cloud, enterprise deployment
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Modern data apps at a global scale on any cloud — bare metal or Kubernetes

Built on Apache Cassandra, DataStax Enterprise is hardened by the largest internet apps, and supports diverse NoSQL workloads – from graph to search and analytics to high-scale write-based workloads. Through the usage of Kubernetes and APIs, DataStax Enterprise supports NoSQL workloads while boosting user productivity by simplifying enterprise-wide data integration into Cassandra.

DataStax Enterprise with IBM, the result of an OEM partnership between IBM and DataStax, provides you with a hybrid cloud solution that can be deployed on private clouds or on multiple public clouds to support applications requiring open-source Apache Cassandra-based technology. This one-stop experience delivered by IBM simplifies procurement, support and deployment, allowing you to build data-rich applications at scale with enterprise-grade security, additional developer tools and other databases.

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Benefits High availability

The database is built on Apache Cassandra and designed for 24×7 availability.

Zero lock-in

Open-source Cassandra helps you avoid cloud lock-in and retain compatibility.

Hyper scalable

Keep your data wherever you need for better availability and accessibility.

Enterprise ready

Get enterprise-grade security, monitoring and support — trusted by the Fortune 100.

Multimodel workloads

Integrated with Graph, Search and Analytics — access with mixed workloads or patterns.

Better productivity

Build apps for distributed data sources with DataStax Enterprise tools, drivers, Kafka, Docker and more.

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Feature spotlight

Operational reliability DataStax Enterprise delivers enterprise-grade security, monitoring and support. The advanced encryption helps protect data both at rest and in flight. Visual management and monitoring help you more easily provision, upgrade, monitor, backup and restore, and manage your DataStax Enterprise cluster. Advanced performance capabilities can reduce infrastructure requirements and improve the responsiveness of real-time applications

Developer friendly Boost productivity using powerful and productive APIs. DataStax Enterprise offers blazing performance, enhanced security and built-in support for Kubernetes so you can deploy on premises, on the cloud or in a hybrid cloud environment. The DataStax visual developer tool lets you collaborate, query, visualize, profile and manipulate data. The unified data model provides a centralized view, APIs to import and access data, and built-in analytics.

Cloud-native support Now available on IBM Cloud Pak for Data, DataStax Enterprise’s native Kubernetes support helps tame the complexity of development, operations and deployment. Kubernetes and Cassandra combine to provide a cloud-native data platform with distributed scale-out capabilities for hybrid cloud or on-premise environments. Query multiple models, including key value, column, graph and document without sacrificing performance or scalability.

Data API for productivity DataStax Enterprise and Apache Cassandra work with Stargate, an open-source data API layer. Every database you create automatically has GraphQL, REST, Document (schemaless JSON) and gRPC endpoints.

CDC for Apache Cassandra Change data capture (CDC) for Cassandra automatically captures changes in real time, deduplicates them and streams the clean set of changed data into Pulsar, where it can be processed by client applications or sent to downstream systems.

How DataStax Enterprise is used Discover the different uses cases of DataStax Enterprise. Personalization and recommendation engine

Build a real-time recommender with content-based, collaborative filtering and predictive modeling. Customize offers using personal history and up-to-date interaction data.

Fraud and anomaly detection

Spot unusual events including potential security threats or suspicious activities. Compare transactional data against historical patterns including credit card processing, digital ads, web traffic, internal employee data and IoT sensors.

Logistics tracking and optimization

Support data gathering and normalization from a large variety of endpoints in realtime. Provide a real-time, single source for telemetry data from sensors and other devices.

Resources available from IBM Five benefits of Cassandra

Explore how you can take advantage of a flexible, high-performance and trusted open data stack for the data-driven enterprise.

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