IBM Data Set Commander for z/OS features

Batch component

The batch component enhances the IBM IEBCOPY utility, providing capabilities that help system and application programmers manipulate partitioned and sequential data sets. Empty and compress a physical sequential data set, a PDS or a PDSE and delete, rename and add alias names to members. Copy, delete and recover PDSE member generations. You can also recover deleted PDS members and create or import a DSC-managed list of member titles for a PDS or PDSE.

Monitoring component

The monitor component automatically refreshes the Library Lookaside (LLA) directory entries and Virtual Lookaside Facility (VLF) objects of updated LLA-managed members to minimize I/O activity. Synchronize LLA cache and updated directory entries during DSC Monitor startup and LLA group activation, and see names of members with directory entries that are out of synch with LLA. The monitor component includes menu-driven operator interface.

Interactive component

The Interactive component is an integrated interface to ISPF that adds capabilities to most major ISPF functions: Get enhanced commands, shortcuts, navigational and productivity enhancements and History Lists for managing recently accessed data sets and members. Object List (OLIST) functionality helps you manage lists of libraries matching selection criteria like name patterns, object type and others. Also search for volumes, data sets, members and text within members.

Audit capability

Audit capabilities let you generate System Management Facility (SMF) records automatically when copying PDS to PDS or sequential data sets to PDS. Filter SMF records to select which records to track and which ones not to track.

PDSE member generations capability

Display a member list with all member generations from which users may browse, edit, copy, delete and restore PDSE member generations. A CLONE command facilitates the conversion of PDS to PDSE to take advantage of PDSE automatic space reuse capability. Support other z/OS PDSE enhancements such as improved space utilization and read performance, reduced CPU usage and reduced I/O.

Technical details

Software requirements

  • IBM® Data Set Commander for z/OS® runs under the control of, or in conjunction with, z/OS V2.1, or later (5650-ZOS). For more information any required program temporary fixes (PTFs), refer to the program directory and Preventative Service Planning (PSP) b

Hardware requirements

  • IBM Data Set Commander for z/OS runs on any hardware configuration supported by the specified required licensed programs listed in the Software Requirements section.