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Enable organization-wide sharing, discovery and usage of data products

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Organizational silos create an inability to share data from heterogeneous source systems in a cost-effective way. 

Current approaches to managing data requests require manual data transformation and delivery, which can be time-consuming and impede the ability of organizations to keep up with growing volumes of data requests. 

IBM Data Product Hub helps streamline data sharing and automates the delivery of data products to data consumers across the organization. It breaks down silos by connecting to disparate source systems to simplify the onboarding of reusable data products, no matter where the data resides.

Organizations gain data lifecycle management capabilities to manage data-as-a-product and cost-effectively deliver fit-for-purpose data and analytics products to data consumers.

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Unlock data value by enabling data product sharing

IBM is named a leader in the 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Augmented Data Quality Solutions

Webinar: Top 5 capabilities of a modern data sharing solution
Benefits Reliable data exchange and internal data marketplace

Discover and access the right data product curated for your use case through a reliable data marketplace.

Share data products from disparate sources

Enable large-scale sharing of data and analytics products sourced from disparate source systems, such as data lakehouses and data catalogs.

Governed data sharing

Embed governance mechanisms to provide assurance that data products are shared and used in a compliant manner across all use cases.

Automation of data product delivery

Accelerate data request fulfilment by automating the delivery of data products using methods such as files and application programming interfaces (APIs), based on data consumers’ preferences and use cases.

Simplify data lifecycle management

Gain efficiencies in how data products are packaged, shared and consumed by managing data as a product across the lifecycle.

Reusable data products

Create and curate data products that can be quickly used by data consumers across multiple use cases to minimize duplicate efforts and reduce costs.

Accelerate data sharing and discovery Share and exchange ready-to-use data products Enable faster data sharing by automating the delivery of data products to consumers using methods such as files, APIs and natural language queries, depending on their use case. Watch video

Data as a product Manage data as a product across the lifecycle Own the data product lifecycle from onboarding to retirement with a robust system for versioning, maintaining and updating data products. Watch video

Data sharing across silos Onboard data products from disparate source systems Simplify the onboarding and sharing of reusable data products, no matter where they reside, through integrations with IBM and third-party data lakehouses and source systems. Watch video

Data contracts Govern the data exchange process Define and enforce data contracts like service level agreements, terms of use and data sharing agreements to embed trust in the data exchange process between data producers and data consumers. Watch video
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Data Product Hub as a service

Deploy Data Product Hub on the cloud efficiently to scale seamlessly.

Data Product Hub software

Deploy IBM Data Product Hub software on-premises to help ensure data security, control and accessibility.

Resources Key capabilities to transform data sharing

Discover how you can use IBM Data Product Hub for efficient data sharing by managing data as a product.

Unlock data value by enabling data product sharing

Read the analyst report to understand key trends around data products and the benefits of a data exchange platform.

2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality

Discover why IBM is named a leader in the 2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Augmented Data Quality Solutions.

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Data Product Hub imports metadata from data catalogs to orchestrate data delivery from disparate sources to lakehouse and packages it for self-service consumption across the organization.

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