IBM Data Interfile Transfer, Testing and Operations Utility for ESA

What is IBM DITTO?

IBM® Data Interfile Transfer, Testing, and Operations Utility for ESA (DITTO) is a storage media and data maintenance utility for IBM z/OS®, z/VSE®, z/VM®, and 21st Century VSEn environments.

It enables you to access, display, edit, migrate and maintain data in files and data sets. DITTO works with data from a range of media and formats on IBM z/OS. You can store data files and data sets on a range of IBM z/OS storage devices. You can also use DITTO functions interactively in batch jobs or in REXX procedures.


Data versatility

Work with physical tape and disk records, punched cards, sequential data, VSAM data, DDR backup tape of CMS minidisks, library members under z/VSE, REXX stem variables, print output and user storage.

Storage flexibility

Use z/OS devices supported in MVS/ESA, IBM z/OS, VSE/ESA or VM/ESA. Supports tape encryption for 3592-E05 Encryption-capable devices, for DITTO/ESA for VSE in interactive mode.

Functional options

Run full screen, line, command and batch. Choose from a range of help options. Improve error-handling with full messaging capabilities. Compatible with previous DITTO versions.

With Data Interfile Transfer, Testing and Operations you can

  • Query or change your processing environment
  • Easily manage data
  • Position, compare, initialize and erase tapes
  • Use full-screen browse functions