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Business Value

CrowdSift enables teams working remotely to crowdsource talent, ideas, outcomes, and expertise across an organization while providing employees with the opportunity to hone their skills through experiential learning and feedback. Promote agility by facilitating the formation of internal teams on demand in response to market demands and business priorities.

Key Features


“People” across the platform, which can include domain experts, employees, freelancers, coaches, etc., can display their background, expertise, and interests to enable meaningful connections.


“Coaches” or mentors share their expertise with others wishing to expand their knowledge and foster a community where junior professionals can grow both personally and professionally.


“Roles” enable teams to quickly find the right people who can temporarily contribute their time and expertise to drive outcomes.


“Teams” bring the right mix of capabilities together from talents of diverse backgrounds and empower professionals to drive outcomes for priority initiatives with a singular focus through execution.


“Communities” organize various types of professionals across the organization based on common interests, allowing them to engage with each other through discussions, collaboration, and sharing.


The Vacancies feature helps people find professionals with the right skills, who can contribute their time and expertise on a temporary assignment or in a permanent job position.

Communities of Practice

An Oil & Gas company is using digital communities of practices to grow collective skills around core competencies such as agile and design thinking. Learners can grow their expertise through knowledge sharing and collaboration with mentors and peers in their community.


  • Learners did not feel motivated and engaged.
  • Workforce lacked essential digital skills to achieve business outcomes.
  • Disparate platforms and learning opportunities to track skills, digital learning, and experiences.


  • An integrated experience platform with personalized recommendations to enhance skills.
  • A culture that fosters the development of critical new skills and unlocks key knowledge in the organisation.
  • Create a sense of belonging by connecting co-workers through social learning so learning becomes a more collaborative experience and learners feel more supported and engaged.

Screenshoot of Crowd Sift with different communities examples
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Organizational Agility

Leading biotech company is building their talent competencies by using CrowdSift to shift the flow of work towards priority initiatives that reflect the strategic direction of the business.


  • Talent seekers had difficulty finding the right people which caused delays and risks to important projects.


  • Opportunity owners could create teams or roles and identify the required skills and scope, which would then be pushed to the right talent.
  • CrowdSift matches talent to opportunities based on their availability, skills, and interests, allowing opportunity owners to reduce their sourcing process significantly.

Culture of Mentorship & Feedback

A large, multinational bank is using the Coach module to provide visibility and access to their domain experts. Experts can provide 1 on 1 coaching to learners as well as host group mentorship webinars around key topics.


  • Inaccessibility to specialized talent.
  • Knowledge management inefficiency.
  • Limitations to online learning.
  • Difficulty in finding peers across globally dispersed business units and regions.


  • Supports Renewable Workforce reskilling transformation by making peer-peer learning easy.
  • Fuels personal pride and engagement of coaches.
  • Promotes lateral networks beyond the immediate team that tap into the distributed ‘hidden’ knowledge of employees.

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Screenshoot of Crowd Sift with different skills examples

Skills Transformation

IBM Citizenship has launched IBM SkillsBuild, a platform that upskills unemployed people in new collar skills and provides them with opportunities to build their portfolio demonstrate their proficiencies and connect with coaches.


  • Course completions were not sufficient to demonstrate proficiencies in a skill.
  • Lack of experience and a work portfolio deterred people from getting the job they want.


  • Learners can practice their skills by joining teams to complete project-based challenges, put together by IBM and NGOs.
  • Learners are matched to coaches who guide them through their skills building journey.
  • Learners can acquire digital credentials by working on projects that aligned to a specific badge program.
  • Hiring manager can assess learner proficiencies through challenges.

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