Improves discovery cost assessment

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IBM® Atlas eDiscovery Cost Forecasting and Management helps attorneys and legal controllers project future discovery costs to avoid expense deviations and improve negotiations with legal adversaries. eDiscovery Cost Forecasting and Management provides a shared view for legal, finance and business partners to help avoid surprises and improve decision making. It includes thorough reports and intuitive dashboards to assess discovery costs by fiscal period.


Delivers more control over costs

Provides the ability to gain greater control over discovery costs related to single matters and portfolios.

Improves strategic decisions

Empowers strategic decision-making by enabling accurate and comprehensive discovery cost estimates that resolve matters earlier.

Tracks discovery costs

Continuously tracks discovery costs for ongoing insights into cost and forecasting management.

Improves negotiating power

Empowers your staff with improved negotiating power by identifying optimal settlement decisions quickly.

Optimizes fiscal period impact

Improves planning and fiscal outcomes by providing optimized cost and forecasting scenarios that maximize fiscal period impact.


Gain greater control over discovery costs

Improve coordinated expense timing and matter visibility with finance, legal and business peers. Continuously update discovery costs as matter scenarios change and enable attorneys to optimize matter resolution fast and efficiently. Help control costs and effectively negotiate smaller scope through history, forecasts and scenario analysis. Enable legal teams to balance risk and cost in making narrow versus wide discovery decisions.

Improve negotiating power to reduce scope

Improve visibility into discovery costs based on key matter facts, pricing and historical matter context to help calibrate the likely course of events. Create iterative scenarios and options to make more fully informed arguments and stronger recommendations. Save a scenario as the optimal stance on production scope. Leverage cost data to reduce collection and production volume. Make compelling burden and cost shifting arguments sooner and more routine with on-demand reports.

Improve strategic decisions and enable faster resolutions

Quickly estimate discovery costs at the outset of a matter to make superior strategic decisions earlier. Bolster your case strategy with more reliable cost estimates delivered quickly and on a continual basis to aid ongoing decision making.

Optimize fiscal period impact

Detect potential future cost spikes from changes in custodian and collection volume by matter and fiscal period. Present forecasts by fiscal period to finance and business partners to avoid surprises and improve collaborative decision-making.

Track continuous discovery costs

Provide continuous cost assessment capability that enables optimal settlement decisions throughout the case. Define litigation profiles, costs and budget models for a company to measure and track discovery costs more accurately. Track matter facts automatically, including custodian pool, data sources and collection volumes. Eliminate the need for time-consuming data entry to estimate costs. Predict discovery cost trajectory with precision by using current matter scope and historical facts.

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