Go beyond visibility to drive orchestration

IBM® Supply Chain Control Tower, powered by the industry-leading AI, provides actionable visibility to orchestrate your end-to-end supply chain network, identify and understand the impact of external events to predict disruptions, and take actions based on recommendations to mitigate the upstream and downstream effects. It allows you to respond faster to changes, enable efficient collaboration, and drive operational automation.

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Benefits of IBM Supply Chain Control Tower

True end-to-end visibility

Remove data silos and establish real-time visibility across your global supply chain. Personalized dashboards and insights provide a 360-degreee view of KPIs and significant supply chain events.

Intelligent workflows

Detect, display and prioritize work tasks in real time to react quickly. Make informed decisions with a supply chain virtual assistant that provides recommendations using natural language processing.

Smarter integration

Connect all your existing supply chain systems and services to collaborate and take immediate actions to resolve issues. Deploy, integrate and scale easily to meet your business needs.

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Transform your supply chain operations

IBM Food Trust is now part of IBM Supply Chain Intelligence Suite, an AI-based supply chain optimization and automation solution that helps improve supply chain resiliency, increase agility and accelerate time to value. This integrated application suite provides actionable insights, smarter workflows and intelligent automation for faster problem resolution and more efficient supply chain operations.

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