IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor
Extend governance over critical B2B integration and MFT file exchanges
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​Gain control over your MFT and B2B environments

Get out of reactive fire-fighting mode. Proactively address issues and achieve your SLA commitments with confidence. IBM® Sterling® Control Center Monitor tracks the critical events across your B2B and managed file transfer (MFT) infrastructure for improved operations, customer service and B2B governance. It applies rules to alert key audiences when there is a problem with a server, process or transfer. Actionable Dashboards are customized for various types of users.

Features Improve visibility

Monitor file transfers and B2B processes. Align server views with operational logic. Identify schedules, processes, file names, user roles and security capabilities.

Improve management of a distributed infrastructure

Central monitoring and configuration management provide visibility into file transfers and B2B processes across a supported network infrastructure through a simplified graphical user interface (GUI).

Increase customer satisfaction with transparency

Provide proactive visibility in service level agreements (SLAs) impact events through web browser access, alerts and notifications, single-click problem interrogation and rules creation.

Improve governance and compliance by monitoring

Continuous controls monitoring with near
real-time notifications. Consolidate and normalize file transfer and process data from managed servers into a single SQL database with embedded reporting.

Common unified interface

Use a centralized interface to create and delete configuration objects, and update multiple servers across different platforms. Also provides syntax checking and full text searches to simplify management.

Reduced errors and downtime with version control

Maintains distinct versions of objects, which can be retained for auditing or restored, and provides an audit log that includes changes to configuration objects, showing changes and who made them.

Security policy tools im prove compliance

Lets you assign user authorities and proxies for servers, and offers protected templates for configuration objects to compare across servers and platforms for improved compliance.

IBM Control Center helps us maintain full visibility of an average of 100,000 file transfers per day, which helps us ensure that we’re delivering on time, every time. Technical Director Global payment solutions provider
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