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Find out how you can enable innovation using RPA and Content Services


What is IBM® Content Services?

IBM Content Services is an IBM-managed, pre-configured set of content management capabilities that make it easier for you to get up-and-running quickly. Easily integrate content into your applications with an out-of-the-box user experience–ensuring that the right content can be quickly accessed by the right people.



Robust, flexible full-featured enterprise content management solution

Use cases

Insurance claims

Speed up insurance claims and improve customer service

Digitize and centralize all information for insurance claims to provide a single source of record for claims-related information from all company departments and locations.

Financial services

Quickly access billing statements

Search for documents based on metadata for quick access to billing statements for specific customers.


Deliver a centralized repository for government agencies

Securely store millions of files in a centralized repository to ensure that content is easy to find and universally accessible to the right groups of employees.


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IBM Datacap

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