Enhance business processes with enterprise edition

Use IBM Content Manager Enterprise Edition for a scalable enterprise content management (ECM) solution that helps you manage all types of content, such as document images, electronic office documents, XML, audio and video for multiple platforms. Content Manager Enterprise Edition helps accelerate business processes and provides the foundation for an agile ECM framework engineered for enterprise scale. Content Manager Enterprise Edition helps organizations manage and use digital information for optimum flexibility and impact.

Provide ECM support for z/OS

IBM Content Manager for IBM z/OS® is a scalable ECM solution that provides integrated content management features for all types of content, including images, documents and rich media. Designed especially for high volume, high performance enterprise application requirements, it is an ideal solution for companies that require powerful operational capabilities.

Transform traditional ECM

Put your business content to work. Enable your enterprise users to derive new value and actionable insight from constantly expanding volumes of content. Collaborate in the cloud, manage records, mitigate risk, capture documents and improve employee productivity with social media capabilities. Make your content smarter using the powerful analytics of Content Manager. Empower your ECM strategy with a comprehensive platform engineered to capture, protect, activate and analyze content anywhere.

Protect your sensitive data

Redact sensitive information to secure your documents permanently.

Deliver ECM security

Provide a secure ECM solution featuring centrally managed authentication of users and flexible access control to manage authorization of operations being performed by users. It supports security of content in transit as well as at rest with content encryption

Apply policy-based storage

Use Content Manager content migration capabilities to enable policy-based storage. Migrate content to less-expensive storage after certain time periods have elapsed or migrate content when available free storage falls below certain thresholds.

Integrate with other apps

Enable an integrated approach to ECM with an event notification framework that triggers action in other enterprise applications in a response to events in IBM Content Manager. This includes document check-out, check-in and document updates.

Reduce costs

Configure document retention policies to control document life-cycle. Automatically or manually purge documents past their expiration date.

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