Archiving and retention management for file systems

IBM Content Collector for File Systems is an enterprise solution for controlling documents on network file shares by providing tools that archive and manage various file types throughout their lifecycle. It can be automatically configured to capture documents as they are placed in a monitored location on the file share or it can archive existing content based on age, file size or other criteria.


Features list

IBM® Content Collector for File Systems key features

Policy definitions

Content Collector for File Systems enables IT staff to implement granular archiving policies to collect and archive specific pieces of information.

Content integration

Optimize content integration by importing documents from originating systems into your IBM FileNet® Case Manager or IBM Content Manager applications.

Capture network file share content

Content Collector for File Systems can be configured to capture file and file system properties and pass that information to the archive to replicate settings in the file system.

Search and retrieval

File system documents can be processed depending on metadata and stored in a specific repository folder structure to facilitate search and retrieval.

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