A prescriptive email storage data model

IBM Content Collector for Email provides collection and archiving capabilities for cloud and on-prem email systems. It helps improve efficiency, reduce IT costs and meet legal and compliance obligations for message retention. Using a value-based approach, it aligns the data archiving cost with the value of that data and enables you to design policies for reducing storage space while retaining frequently used data.


Features list

IBM® Content Collector for Email key features

Searching for archived email

Content Collector allows you to search documents by date, sender, recipients, subject, contents, and attachment contents, or any combination of these.

Restoring archived documents

Restoring and viewing is available for all documents that were archived from a mailbox, a personal storage file, or a local Notes archive.

Archiving to a central repository

Content Collector stores the entire email content into a central repository, deduplicated instances and searchable XML.

Applying retention policies to individual messages

By associating centrally managed retention schedules with archived email, you can manage the lifecycle of an email and then defensibly dispose of it.


Content Collector removes duplicate copies of the same email, as well as duplicate copies of attachments across different email documents.

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