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IBM Content Collector is a family of products designed to collect, enhance and manage email, file systems and SAP data and documents. Its capabilities identify and archive content based on business value and ensure that critical content is protected and retained. The comprehensive set of solutions offers a strategy to extract value from your content.

Benefits Broad and flexible solutions

Determine what data to archive, across structured and unstructured data.

Meet business and legal requirements

Collect and archive content based on your organization’s business and regulatory needs.

Eliminate redundant information

Retain, hold, and dispose of archived content efficiently and defensibly.

Improve performance and manageability

Reduce costs and improve performance by migrating to lower storage tiers.

IBM® Content Collector key features Policy-driven email archiving

Content Collector for Email provides automated, policy-driven email archiving from mailboxes on various email systems. This helps manage information and fulfill legal requirements.

Data and document archiving for SAP

Content Collector for SAP Applications enables you to collect, archive and manage SAP-generated data in an integrated, security-rich repository using your ECM platform.

Document control for network file shares

Content Collector for File Systems enables users to control documents on network file shares and can be configured to automatically capture documents as they are placed in a monitored location.

Deployment and performance tuning

IBM Content Collector is designed to allow system operators to define policies about how rarely used data can be archived and removed from source systems.

SharePoint content capture

Content Collector for Microsoft SharePoint enables users to capture content from SharePoint for long-term archive, compliance or other business-driven reasons.

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IBM Content Collector for SAP Applications

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IBM Content Collector for Microsoft SharePoint

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