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An intelligent capture service with minimal document training required
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Classify, extract and act on the data locked in your content

IBM® Datacap software helps streamline the capture, recognition and classification of business documents. Natural language processing, analytics and machine learning technologies classify and extract content from unstructured or variable documents.

Datacap supports multiple channel capture by processing paper documents on scanners, mobile devices, and more. The software can help reduce labor and paper costs to deliver meaningful information and support faster decision-making.

Benefits Speed up implementation

Supports multichannel input from multiple formats

Reduce labor

Processes complex or unknown formats and variable documents

Accelerate data output

Trains document types in minutes with just one sample

Reduce development costs

Redacts documents according to a user's specifications

Intelligent capture analysis

Classify and extract information from structured and unstructured documents.

Embedded through RESTful API

Extend the value of your current apps with an API call, built on microservices.

Cloud-native application

Design, develop and deliver on the cloud as SaaS.

AI algorithms applied to your data

Get a complete picture of your data and integrate it into your automation journey.

Features Employ an intelligent capture-as-a-service API

Get the power of intelligent capture with the flexibility of an API that extends the value of your enterprise content management technology stack.

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Transform document-capture strategy

Gain valuable insights from data that was previously inaccessible, so you can intelligently predict, develop and deploy changes based on the market.

Integrate with other automation platforms

Work with IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business or any non-IBM content or process systems.

Complement with Datacap

Apply cloud capabilities and configurable ontologies.

Combine with RPA

Automate processes in the cloud.

Integrate with Watson AI

Apply complex machine learning algorithms.

Integrate Content Analyzer

Add intelligent capture and the scalability of the cloud

Apply microservices

Include low code integrations into your technology stack.

Understand your impact

Extract key points from content for data science

Export a JSON format

Include low code integrations into your technology stack.

Apply analytics

Employ analytics without preconfiguring or removing noise.

Content Analyzer details Key-value pairing

A key-value pair is two values, the “key,” which defines a dataset and the “value,” which defines a variable in the dataset.

JSON output of classification and data extraction


JSON is a lightweight data-interchange format. It is easy for humans to read and write. It is easy for machines to parse and generate.

Ontology building for documents

The Ontology Builder is a no-code design tool where you can train the system to classify documents and identify key values that are important to you.

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