Gain the trusted file transfer solution your business needs

IBM® Sterling Connect:Direct provides security-hardened, point-to-point file transfers to lessen dependency on unreliable File Transfer Protocol (FTP) transfers. It is optimized for high-volume delivery of files within and among enterprises. The solution ensures more reliable movement of files, from batch integration and movement of large images or catalogs, to synchronization with remote locations. Sterling Connect:Direct also supports hybrid cloud deployment through certified containers which ensures easy and consistent deployment life-cycle management.

Benefits of IBM Sterling Connect:Direct

Reliable file delivery

Provides automated scheduling, checkpoint restart and automatic recovery to help ensure predictable, assured delivery of files.

Secure file transfer

Helps keep customer information private and supports regulatory compliance measures.

High performance

Handles your most demanding workloads, from high volumes of small files to multi-gigabyte files.

Reduce installation and patch time

Significantly reduces installation and patch time from hours to minutes by deploying your solution with a certified container that has all required components.

Key highlights

  • Certified Containers for consistent deployment lifecycle management
  • Performance capabilities that include unprecedented scalability and reduced latency
  • Automated, reliable file transfer that supports 24-hour unattended operations
  • Designed for multiple platforms, including IBM z/OS, OpenVMS, i5/OS, HP NonStop, Microsoft Windows, UNIX and Linux
  • Advanced security features with cutting-edge encryption to satisfy regulatory and industry requirements

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