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What is Confluent Platform for IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration?

Confluent Platform for IBM Cloud Pak for Integration leverages Apache Kafka capabilities to deliver an enterprise-ready platform to help developers accelerate development, enable digital transformation, and simplify enterprise operations at scale with multiple styles of integration. 

Use cases


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Access inventory data for seamless omnichannel experiences. Identify trends, analyze transactions, and deliver personalized recommendations and offers, all in real time.


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Perform fraud analytics to identify patterns and power machine learning algorithms. Capture, aggregate, and filter data from all security log resources to adhere to various regulatory requirements.


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Accelerate claim processing and deliver improved customer experience by moving claim processing from batch to real time. Detect anomalies to pre-emptively identify potentially fraudulent activities.



Built-in cost optimization

Minimize operational costs while enabling high performance scalability


IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

Connect your applications and data wherever they live with this hybrid integration solution.

Partnership announcement

Learn more about the IBM and Confluent partnership to help put real-time applications at the heart of your company.

Intro to building event-driven applications

Get an in-depth lesson on creating Apache Kafka topics in minutes to process events in real time.

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