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Keep applications continuously compliant, even as they evolve

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Simplify and ensure continuous compliance with security standards as applications evolve and scale, minimizing resource drain and maximizing security integrity.


IBM Concert® cuts through the complexity of achieving and maintaining compliance for modern applications, which are constantly in flux.  Using the power of AI to assess application elements and compare them against common security standards, Concert provides concrete, prioritized recommendations that give application owners and developers the most efficient, impactful way forward.

Benefits Track compliance posture of your apps

Track compliance against NIST 800-53 and NIST 800-37, with support for additional compliance standards coming later in 2024.

Assess compliance impact

Assess the impact of compliance actions on application functionality through the “blast radius” view.

Monitor compliance deviations

Track deviations from compliance standards and assess the impact of potential remediation pathways.

Prioritize compliance efforts

Prioritize compliance work by impact to the application, with concrete recommendations for action.

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