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Business Value

Comprehend Lite enables organization to rapidly launch, track and report on training for employees, customers and business partners. Quickly and securely deliver training to desktops, mobile devices and tablets without out the need to install software. Control access to your content and track users’ participation and test scores.

Key Features

Reporting & Analytics

Support mainstream software and hardware including X86, Power, System Z. Supports multiple virtualization technologies (ESXi, KVM, PowerVM, z/VM etc.)

Learner Engagement

Deliver programs that are interesting, inspiring and timely. Make that training easy to access by delivering it to desktops, mobile devices and tablets.

Scalable and agile

Scale up as fast as you need, responsive to changing demands.


Provide personalized certificates of completion. Engage customer and reward partners with recognition for their accomplishments.


Secure your content so that only those authorized to attend your training can access the programs.

Employee Training Made Easy


A Fortune 500 company wanted to make its well-regarded diversity and inclusion program available to other organizations.  The challenge was making the program  it available on-line while  ensuring organizations who adopted the program could control access to their employees  And the ability to  provide those organization completion records.


Comprehend Lite allow the Fortune 500 company to share their program.  Organizations  were able to easily buy seats and get instant access to the program.   The program was easy to consume as it could be viewed on desktops, mobile devices and tablets.

Screenshoot of user case - Employee Training Made Easy
Screenshoot of user case - Customer Training

Customer Training


A  software firm was providing a new feature to a limited number of customers . The firm  needed a way to quickly provide training.  They also wanted to know if a client calling for support had completed training.


Comprehend Lite enabled  the firm to offer training to a targeted group of customer.  Using data from training reports the helpdesk could tell if a caller  had completed training, how they scored and how many people in the caller’s organization had spent time learning the new software. This data gave the helpdesk an edge – they knew what parts of the training the client has difficulty mastering.

Organizations without infrastructure


A company with a long tradition of face-to-face classroom training lacked any e-learning infrastructure. They needed to quickly prepare people for returning to the office.


Comprehend Lite  let the organization quickly launch and track a program to prepare people for a return to work. The course was implemented quickly and   was easy for users to access and complete.

Screenshoot of user case - Organizations without infrastructure

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