Compiler and Library for REXX on IBM Z features and values


REXX™ makes programming simpler and easier, which makes it an ideal language of choice for both the experienced professional and the beginning programmer.

Powerful combination of compiler and library

The compiler translates REXX source programs into compiled programs and the runtime library houses routines that are called by the compiled programs. The compiler and the library are an integrated solution that promotes efficient systems management and increased flexibility. They also both support integrated error checking and provide information during debugging.

Multiple environment support

The compiler, library and compiled programs run on z/OS® using TSO/E and under CMS on z/VM®.

Alternate Library available for software distribution

The downloadable Alternate Library enables users who do not have the Library for REXX on IBM Z® installed, to run compiled REXX programs. It contains a language processor that transforms the compiled programs and runs them with the REXX interpreter that is shipped as part of z/OS and z/VM operating systems. Software developers can distribute the Alternate Library free of charge with their compiled REXX programs (see the Resource Tab for download links).

Also available - REXX for VSE

In addition to the standard kernel, REXX/VSE provides VSE-dependent commands and functions that enable you to use REXX for all kinds of system management purposes.

Flexible licensing options

Separate licenses are available for Compiler for REXX on IBM Z, Library for REXX on IBM Z, and Alternate Library for REXX on IBM Z (a free download.). In addition, the z/OS portion of the Alternate Library for REXX on IBM Z is available natively in z/OS. No separate license for the Alternate Library for REXX on IBM Z is required for z/OS.

Gain agility and flexibility

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