What Compiler and Library for REXX on IBM Z can do for you

IBM® Compiler and Library for REXX™ on IBM Z® is a high-level language compiler and runtime library that facilitates your REXX scripting and IBM Z application development and runtime. The compiler translates REXX source programs into compiled programs. It leverages the runtime library that houses routines called by the compiled programs. With its simplified approach to development, the IBM Compiler and Library for REXX on IBM Z can improve your productivity, simplify your systems management, and increase the performance of your applications.


Shorter, easier to follow programs

REXX programs tend to be shorter and easier to follow than programs written in other languages, making it ideal for both new and experienced IBM Z programmers.

Increased app development productivity

REXX’s high level simplicity, strong parsing, 'naturalness' and interpretive support offers developers a reduced development cycle and excellent source-level interactive debugging.

Efficient systems management

Both the REXX Library and the REXX compiler provide integrated error checking and data during debugging, which can make your systems management more efficient.

Compiler and Library for REXX on IBM Z features and values

  • Why IBM REXX?
  • Powerful combination of compiler and library
  • Multiple environment support
  • Alternate Library available for software distribution
  • Also available - REXX for VSE
  • Flexible licensing options