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IBM® Cognos Controller is software that supports the close, consolidate and report process.
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What Cognos Controller can do for your business

IBM Cognos Controller supports the close, consolidation and reporting process with the agility and affordability of a cloud-based solution. It enables finance teams to automate and accelerate the financial close with minimal IT support. It also helps finance teams deliver financial results, create informative financial and management reports and provide the chief financial officer (CFO) with an enterprise view of key financial ratios and metrics.

Benefits Reduce close and report times

Automate your close process and simplify the task of providing certified financial information.

Manage your own solution
Automate processes

Automate intercompany eliminations, allocations, currency conversions, acquisition calculations and more.

Enhance audit control

Track data flow throughout the consolidation process, and monitor performance of subsidiary reporting with built-in workflow and status reporting.

A complete solution for consolidation, reporting and analytics Supports extended financial close

Addresses your extended financial close process—close, consolidate, report and file—in an auditable solution owned by the office of finance.

On-cloud deployment option

Available for on-cloud deployment with the functionality of an on-premises solution.

Automate consolidation

Automate your financial consolidation processes and accounting procedures without IT assistance.

Supports U.S. GAAP, IFRS and more

Meets virtually all global and local consolidation and reporting requirements out of the box.

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