How can you trust your data without the big picture?

See how Cognos Analytics fits into IBM’s Analytics Cycle so you can be confident the business decisions you’re making are the right ones.

Two is better than one

See how Cognos Analytics and Watson Analytics work together to give you a better view of your data to help you make better decisions.

A BI solution you can trust

M Cognos Analytics represents the next phase in the evolution of business intelligence by reframing what’s possible for IT and business users alike.

Get your money back – up to 617% ROI

A new TVO (Total Value of Ownership) report details the cost savings you can achieve with IBM Cognos Analytics both on-premises and on cloud.

Converged and governed analytics for the masses

Blue Hill Research believes decision-makers should view IBM Cognos Analytics as a key component to achieve accessibility of data insights throughout your business.

Safe and certain reporting

Learn how Cognos Analytics on Cloud offers self-service analytics at organizational scale, giving both administrators and business users a better experience.

Defining the new business intelligence: Visual, immediate and cognitive

Frost & Sullivan argue that a new type of BI is necessary to get maximum value from big data and empower users at all levels of the organization.