What IBM COBOL for VSE/ESA can do for your business

IBM® COBOL for VSE®/ESA extends the IBM strategic COBOL technology to the z/VSE environment. The COBOL compiler provides a rich set of intrinsic functions—including data handling with four-digit year support, string handling, financial capabilities, statistical functions and mathematical formulas—and a migration path from other COBOL versions. The advanced technology of COBOL for VSE/ESA can reduce maintenance costs and increase longevity and development flexibility.


Improve efficiency

The full-function language and compiler make your applications easier to develop and maintain, and portable to many different operating environments.

Increase longevity

Most of your current programs will continue to run without modification, while you selectively update existing applications to take advantage of advanced functions.

Reduce costs

With COBOL for VSE/ESA, you can cut the cost and time required to code, debug, communicate between languages and port to new environments.

Key features of IBM COBOL for VSE/ESA

  • Rich set of intrinsic functions
  • Migration path from other COBOL versions
  • Structured programming and support
  • Interoperability with other languages
  • Source level debugger