How often are updates available for IBM® Enterprise COBOL for z/OS®?

IBM Enterprise COBOL for z/OS normally ships a fix pack (or PTF) every two months. Check out the fixes and new functions delivered with each fix pack at the following link.

How can I install the latest PTFs?

You can install the latest PTFs by using the FIXCAT feature of SMP/E to take advantage of these features.

Where can I find the what’s new information in each COBOL version?

The What's New manual provides an executive overview of new and improved features in each COBOL version.

What is the end of service (EOS) date for each COBOL version?

Visit the IBM Software lifecycle website to check the lifecycle dates, announcement letters, and other information for each COBOL version.

Is offline documentation available for COBOL?

Yes. the downloadable JAR (Java Archive) format and PDF format of documentation are available in the COBOL documentation library.

I am planning to migrate to COBOL 6, what is the best way to get started?

You can start with the migration webinar and the performance tuning webinar, which are provided at no charge. Go to the COBOL migration and performance tuning webinars page, check the availability, and register.

Is there any tool to walk me step by step through the migration process?

Yes, check out all the COBOL migration resources at once in the COBOL Migration Portal, including the COBOL Migration Assistant that provides you a step-by-step wizard to guide your migration process.

Where can I find learning resources for the COBOL language?

You can find all the COBOL education resources on IBM Developer.

Where can I find the COBOL performance tuning resources?

You can visit and download the performance tuning guide for each COBOL version.