IBM CL/SuperSession features

Consolidate and simplify

Pull data from multiple IBM® VTAM® sessions and use it in other sessions. You can take two complex applications and consolidate them into a single more easily understood screen. In addition, you can program one keystroke to replicate a set of frequently performed keystrokes, much like macros in some PC software packages.

Customize the user experience

Assign users to groups based on the applications that they require, and enable automatic logging on to specific applications. You can move easily between applications by using a hot key or phrase. You can also split emulator screens into multiple display spaces.

HelpDesk functions

Monitor users, virtual sessions, and critical resources from a central point of control. HelpDesk operator can view user and session information, view a user’s screen to assist with problem solving, send broadcast or individual messages, use the HelpDesk Monitor to monitor critical resources. For High Availability Option users, a multipoint HelpDesk can service users on any connected system.

Enhanced security and control

Improve security and enhance network control with CL/SuperSession functionality that enables customization of presentation and processing logic. You get support for screen customization for logon, menu selection, broadcast information, network news and more. You can also protect your data if a virtual session is intentionally or accidentally disconnected by preventing the next user of the virtual terminal from accessing residual data.

High Availability Option

Use the High Availability Option (HAO) for multi-point help-desk capability, along with profile synchronization to enhance the availability, performance and manageability of sessions across connected systems and sysplexes.

HAO profile synchronization

Optimize application availability with the HAO profile synchronization. Use profile synchronization to automatically propagate user profile updates to linked CL/SuperSession instances and eliminate single points of failure. Exploit VTAM generic resources for automatic load balancing to improve performance and reduce system contention.

Multiple network entry points

Allow multiple entry points or gateways, each with a unique configuration of sessions and security access.

Personalized menus and save function

Reorder, modify and delete sessions or add sessions. Save changes dynamically with no need to log off and back on to effect changes.

Multi-factor authentication support

Validate logons to CL/SuperSession using an MFA token. An exit for users can generate a token that CL/SuperSession uses to facilitate logons to virtual sessions, for example TSO and IBM CICS®.

Passphrase and PassTicket support

Use passphrase and PassTicket support in security products such as IBM RACF® and ACF2 for enhanced security.

Profile Table admin tools

View and offload to a file user profiles, session information, and system access data.

XML support

Create and download profile reports, download profiles and system access data in XML format.

Technical details

Software requirements

See the latest software requirements at the link below.

Hardware requirements

Hardware requirements are listed by version in the software link.

Gain agility and flexibility

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