Build customized user experiences with IBM CL/SuperSession

IBM® CL/SuperSession provides the power and flexibility to consolidate and tailor complex applications for users, customize user security profiles and pull data from multiple sessions. You can control application access with customized menus for specific users or groups. Administrators can use CL/SuperSession to move between active applications with a single keystroke to increase efficiency and application management. These capabilities simplify the user experience and improve productivity.


Session access using procedural dialogs

Run procedural dialogs to access real terminal and multiple IBM Virtual Telecommunications Access Method (VTAM®) sessions.

User customization

Update authorities, group profiles, session timeouts and available sessions. Applications can display according to security profiles.

HelpDesk function

Establish a central point of control to monitor and perform actions against user and virtual sessions.

IBM CL/SuperSession features

  • Consolidate and simplify
  • Customize the user experience
  • HelpDesk functions
  • Enhanced security and control
  • High Availability Option
  • HAO profile synchronization
  • Multiple network entry points
  • Personalized menus and save function
  • Multi-factor authentication support
  • Passphrase and PassTicket support
  • Profile Table admin tools
  • XML support