How it works

Pay only for what you need

Automate IT operations with IBM Cloud Pak® for Watson AIOps. Pay only for what you need with modular pricing. Existing customers can use their entitlements, trade up or make a new investment. Includes restricted Red Hat® OpenShift® for free.

Financing options

Looking to speed up project approvals? IBM can work with you to minimize upfront cash outlays and align payments to a project’s anticipated benefits. Talk with us about building a payment plan tailored to your specific budget requirements.

Application impact avoidance

Proactive IT management with AIOps

What you get


Proactive problem avoidance across applications, infrastructure and environments increases application availability and reduces risk.


Anomaly detection across data silos

Log and metric anomaly prediction models utilize techniques including entity linking and spatial, temporal and topological algorithms to reduce event noise.

Application topology and dependency mapping

AI-driven event grouping, fault localization and blast radius models help automatically identify downstream dependencies across microservices and topology.

Automatic baselining

Metrics from all data sources across your application topology help automatically determine normal application and infrastructure performance across environments to achieve predictive management.

Next best action

Incident similarity models help proactively identify potential issues using past incident records and automatically deliver next-best-action recommendations.


IBM’s application-centric approach to management means all incidents and alerts across the entire ITOps toolchain are surfaced in the ChatOps tool of your choice, identifying impactful issues by which applications are affected.  

AI model management

Management features drive better outcomes every day by helping teams better manage, train and govern AI models for full transparency into AI.

What’s included

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux

The foundation from which you can scale existing apps and roll out emerging technologies across bare-metal, VMs, containers and all types of cloud environments

OpenShift container platform

A hybrid cloud, enterprise Kubernetes platform to build and deliver better applications faster

Common services

IBM Cloud Pak foundational services for extended support


Task and process automation across the entire ITOps toolchain

What you need

Cloud services

Continuously modernize your applications on any platform.

Custom solutions

Build your own use case

Contact us for pricing.

Find out how IBM can help optimize processes across the ITOps toolchain based on your needs and current setup.

We can work with you to avoid upfront costs and develop flexible payment plans for custom solutions, too, so you can experience earlier ROI.