Access to all capabilities. Pay only for what you need.

IBM Cloud Pak® for Security follows a fully modular and a simple, easy-to-consume pricing approach based on the environment you are looking to secure. Customers get an option to choose between an enterprise-wide pricing and usage-based pricing. Both pricing models include standard support and restricted Red Hat® OpenShift® for free.

Pricing option one

Enterprise-wide pricing

This option is based on the size of your enterprise-wide IT infrastructure, or the size and type of data sources being secured. This option helps avoid unexpected data costs.

  • Predictable pricing at enterprise scale
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited actions
  • Unlimited data usage for threat management solution
  • No data ingestion charges
  • Subscription license available

Pricing option two

Usage-based pricing

This simple, scalable option allows you to start small with initial users and capabilities and easily scale as you add more users, capabilities and data.

  • Ability to scale seamlessly
  • Pay only for what you need
  • Subscription license available
  • Managed option available with SaaS
  • Starting at USD 800 per month

Payment plans for IBM Cloud Paks

Flexible payment plans can help you start projects sooner and enhance your ROI

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