What is IBM Cloud Pak for Data?

IBM Cloud Pak™ for Data is a fully integrated data and AI platform that modernizes how businesses collect, organize and analyze data and infuse AI throughout their organizations. Built on Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform, IBM Cloud Pak for Data integrates market-leading IBM Watson® AI technology to meet ever-changing enterprise needs.

Deployable in less than 4 hours, IBM Cloud Pak for Data runs across any cloud, helping enable organizations to more easily integrate their analytics and applications to speed innovation.

Make your data ready for AI

As digital transformation empowers organizations, the need to embrace AI is growing ever more critical. But to implement AI successfully, companies need to overcome three major challenges: data complexity, skills and trust. This process starts with good, clean and secure data. Data that is readily deployable to generate insights and set the foundation of AI-driven business.

*MIT Sloan (link resides outside ibm.com)

80 percent of business leaders view AI as a strategic priority


Collect your data

Make all your data accessible — securely at its source — without the need for migration.

Organize your data

Create a trusted, business-ready analytics foundation that can simplify data preparation, policy, security and compliance.

Analyze your data

Build, deploy and manage AI and machine-learning capabilities that scale consistently throughout your organization.

Infuse AI

Operationalize AI throughout your business with trust and transparency.


Single, unified platform

Speed time to value with a single platform that integrates data management, data governance and analysis for greater efficiency and improved use of resources. Help enable self-service collaboration across teams.

Best-in-class data virtualization

Query data more easily and more securely across multiple sources, on cloud or on premises. Exploit the combined processing power of those sources for massive query acceleration. Achieve the speed and scalability your business needs for today's and tomorrow’s workloads.

Built-in data governance

Efficiently respond to changing regulations with embedded, sophisticated governance capabilities; these include automated discovery and classification of data, masking of sensitive data, data zones and data lifecycle management.

Unified Data and AI services

Manage end-to-end data workflows to help ensure that data is easily accessible for AI. Make sure that your data is high-quality to deliver accurate, automated insights and decisions. Seamlessly build and manage machine-learning models across development and production in a collaborative environment.

Cloud-native agility

Accelerate application development and deployment with a multicloud data platform that is agile, resilient and portable. Benefit from Kubernetes containerization to provision and scale services in minutes instead of months, inside a more secure, governed environment.

Extensible APIs and ecosystem

Use best practices to your advantage to accelerate implementations and deliver significant business value. Benefit from built-in models and accelerators for various industries including finance, insurance, healthcare, energy, utilities and more.

Industry accelerators

Benefit from a broad ecosystem of complementary hardware, software and services through a growing service catalog. Provision preferred data services flexibly and rapidly, and customize data workflows to your individual needs.

Continuous intelligence

Develop real-time streaming applications and deliver continuous intelligence across your business. With IBM Streams on IBM Cloud Pak for Data, you can enable continuous and rapid analysis of massive volumes of data in motion or at rest. This can help you gain business insights faster and make more-informed decisions.

All in one

Deploy a hyper-converged system with all necessary software in less than 4 hours — no assembly required. Under an intuitive dashboard, you can dynamically scale compute, storage and software with on-demand plug-and-play operations.

Take a product walkthrough

IBM Cloud Pak for Data can help you unlock the value of your data and create an information architecture for AI. This product walkthrough offers step-by-step demonstrations on how to collect, organize, analyze and infuse AI into your data with a scalable, Kubernetes platform.

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